Spiciest Biryani called Marriage -Kahani Ghar Ghar Ki !


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Well guys , this is a  light and fun blog , specially for those married couples who  might be having their own set of weird issues with their counterpart (for which they are ever ready to tousle or rather dishevel each other’s hair  😛 ) but still their relation is as strong as the Rock of Gibraltar i.e. who might be having arguments at least 2-3 times  a week ( I am just being modest, numbers might be on higher side ) but still they can’t even imagine a life without their respective spouses  #bole toh ekdum Fevicol wali Jodi !

Now before you get judgmental  buddies,  I would like you to get  hold of your thinking parrots as it’s not exactly about myself & Nishtha (my  dear wife )  as by God’s Grace , we don’t argue that much (though I am so looking forward to having those irritating and meaningless yet adorable  old age fights with her in times to come 😮 ) .Having said that, a writer’s story can’t be untouched from his /her own experiences .So you will find our personal Tadka too in the writing below.

Coming back to the point, well Marriage to me is a beautiful combination of two people in love or made to fall in love) who have been licensed to use choicest of taunts to take a dig at each other’s intentional or unintentional mistakes, resulting into totally uncalled fights, which  more often than not strangely end up making their relation even stronger   Go ahead , recall how sweet your  own immediate few days are, just after you make up subsequent to a cold war situation.

Let’s have a look at some of the common issues  ( when I say issue, it is understood that same is due to Husband only ) & corresponding common  dialogues ( of Wives of course)  in case of Indian Couples [or probably  for couples all over, not sure as I have married only an Indian girl ….. so far .. 😛 😛 🙂 ] —->

I will use Hindi here as otherwise one won’t get that Chatkara ( spicy gist  )  ..For my friends around the globe, I will try to translate those extra-terrestrial words ,especially crafted by Indian wives , into English later on to the best of my ability – a daunting task I tell you !

Ok, Here we go : –



1.“Nha kar toliya bed par phenk dena ” 

Preface : A problem since the time immemorial !

The Culprit : Husband, who else  .

The Perfect Taunt ( by wife of-course ) :   Mere yahan ek nahi , do – do bache hain ! Ek kaam karo, kal ise bed par nahi, ghar se bahar hi  phenk dena kyunki uthana toh mujhe hi hai !

( but obvious for single kid bearers only, just a phrase guys, bhavnayen samjo !! )

#Dil Toh Bacha Hai Ji



images 42


2.“Khana bnana na aana “

Preface : When one fails to undergo basic kitchen training while growing up.

Culprit :  Sirf Maggi & Chai bnane wale Pati

The Wife’s Dialogue  :  Mujhe aese log itne bure lagte hain na, jinko sirf khana aata hai, bnana nahi !

( a two minute silence follows before the guy starts munching again )

# Udasi Htao, Dba kar khao



download 41

3.”Khana kha kar bartan wahin side mein rakh dena”

Preface  : This problem is more prevalent where one tries to enjoy  T.V.  while having  food on the bed with side tables !

Culprit : Ding Dong, it’s Husband again .

Shrimati’s Taunt : Aapka bus chale to yahi kitchen Sja lo puri , achi naukrani mili hui hain na, vo bhi padhi likhi .

(Husbands feel helpless at this as they really respect & love their wives – I mean respective single wife obviously )

#T.V. or B.V.




4.“Hmesha Ldai start karna”

Preface :  It’s among the most common allegations levied whereby the Victim  digs out the most ferocious references from Vintage period to embarrass the  culprit.

Culprit :  That’s Right, Poor Hubby Again !

Dialogue ( by Devi Ji ) :  Main to kabi ladna hi nahi chahti but  Hmesha tum start karte ho, hmesha tyar hi baithe rehte ho jhagda karne ko..Peechli bar bhi tumne hi start kiya tha..and usse pehle bhi  !

(Husband thinks it’s  better to simply accept all the blame or else she is going to make you remember some argument that probably happened in the time of Harappa & Mohenjodaro)

#Beggars Can’t be Choosers, sab ilzam kabul hain !



5.  “Bachon ka dhyan na rakhna” 

Preface :  For husbands who really love their kids but they just somehow don’t show their feelings.

Culprit  : You guessed it Right ,The Father !

Dialogue ( by  bachon ki Maa)  :  Bache akele mere hain kya …….Long pause … !

#Silence is the best policy.


Enough !! It’s to reverse the tables and share a few instances where choicest of taunts come from husbands  : –


images 43

  1. “Bhayankar Shopping Karna”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Husband’s Punch :  Ab Kya pura bazaar khareedogi yar , abi 7 tareekh hui hai and saara balance khatam kar diya..Loan lekar petrol dalvana pdega Car mein !



2. “Ready hone mein bohat time lena” 

 Husband’s  pointed Arrow :   Arey bhai  sara make up aaj hi lgaogi kya , kisi ki                     shaadi mein ja rahe hain, tumhari khud ki shaadi thodi hai yar !

🙂 🙂

These were just a few household jargonof entangled yet lovely couples. Husband Wife is probably the only relation besides parents whereby the stakeholders spend maximum time together over a lifetime (I told you , I am talking about Happy souls only , so divorce my friend is certainly ruled out here ).

What is more interesting is the fact that even though both acknowledge the fact that the presence of spouse in their life  is indispensable, yet, during arguments , neither of them  shy away from pretending that he / she is absolutely fine without she / he.(Read in the same order please). But then this “Khati-Meethi ” Nok jhonk is  the real charm of the relation called Husband -Wife , isn’t it ?

I hope you enjoyed going through this write up and it would be really great  if you all can drop  some similar sweet n sour  dialogues/conversation in the comments below.

Please do share / Re-Blog the post !

Namaste & Good bye for now !!



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