How I tamed a Monster called Vitiligo! Just Never Give up !!

#Lets Fight Depression #Vitiligo (White patches) Is Not A Taboo #Help me reach the needy The reason for re-blogging my own post is that it really pains me to see children, teenagers & even adults falling prey to depression due to Vitiligo and few of my friends going to the extent of committing suicide . Please share /reblog/repost this real life story of mine as it would be great even if it helps even a single person. Thank You !

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‘No one can make you feel inferior without your own consent ‘ – Eleanor Roosevelt

“Ladki ka rang saf toh hain na ” (Girl’s complexion is fair, right?) – a question  so often asked here in our country even today  by so called well educated ‘to be mother-in laws’ of 21st century. Such is the unfortunate obsession for fair skin in our beloved country. But look at the irony of the fact, when your whole skin is about to turn white, you panic like anything because suddenly, you are being looked down upon for no fault of yours.

Well here I am, presenting my story (it won’t be sad & boring, I promise) spread over 13 long years of my struggle with a skin disease called Vitiligo or Leucoderma which in layman terms can be simply put as a problem of white patches, whereby melanin pigment of the skin starts…

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